The New Cooking Project Explained

Herein is explained a partial explanation of why I failed English grammar the point of the new culinary direction of this BLOG!!!

The Point of This
The Point of This

And, in case you forgot or are new here.

This was where this blog started…Read Here.  I was trying to justify to myself, taking the time to resurrect my painting abilities.  So I started with sewing. I am not good at sewing and had no expectations of greatness.  Or even being able to WEAR any of my creations.  I discovered I hated zippers and would rather decorate my skirts than construct them.  Sometimes, I philosophized about other things, as I struggled to reinvent my life midstream.  Mainly Courage (Here, Here and Here) . And sometimes I got silly (Here).  Well, I did seduce myself back into Painting.  I even had an Art Show.  HERE.


While we will continue to talk about painting, creativity, and skirts (Story Here), I am adding a new direction with Cooking/Food.

LEVERAGING your COOKING.   Fashionably.  Maybe wearing an apron and definitely wearing something insensible.  Because isn’t that point of Fashion???

Thank you.  More to come.


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