Shockingly, Mushroom Croissants Are a HIT with Boys

Back in the black and white days, before color (just kidding), my mother took my teenage self to Palm Springs on mother-daughter thing. We ate these little sandwiches in some tiny hole in the wall, cutesy-restaurant-long-gone.  My mother recreated them at home and they became a thing of legends….

“Remember when we ate….”

I accidently made them for The Boys.  Leftover croissants from a Christmas dinner and a big basket of mushrooms coexsted in the kitchen, so why not? I said nothing as I placed them, crusty and brown, before the boybarians—didn’t want to bias them to the fact there might be a strange vegetable en masse in their sandwich.

Mushroom croissant sandwich

SHOCKINGLY……they ALL, to a boy, LOVED them.  I even got raves days later. And a hug……

So, mother-invented, boy-tested. Here they are.



Box of mushrooms, ordinary white mushrooms are plenty Overachiever enough, no need for other expensive exotics unless you have extra money to burn.


Garlic salt (Gasp–is it gourmet enough? Boys say yes.)

Jack Cheese or other white creamy melty cheese

If you need amounts, well…..2 croissants to every 8 oz box of mushrooms for skippy sandwiches. if you want overflowing mushroom guts on your sandwich, go for a box per giant Costco croissant. Cheese to taste.


1. Slice cleaned mushrooms.

mushrooms sliced

2. Saute in generous amount of olive oil until soften and even better, a little golden brown! Season with Garlic Salt.

sauteed mushrooms

3. MEANWHILE, back at the ranch, cut croissants in half lengthwise and place on baking sheet.

4. Then, divide sauteed mushrooms between the croissants.

5. Top with a creamy melting cheese.  We usually use Monterey Jack but I loved the Havarti/Muenster style triple heart attack cheese I put in them last time (probably Overachiever but if you Happen to have it on hand, then it’s Underachiever Status because you are using what you have. If you go buy it especially for this recipe, that is an Overachiever thing to do).

6. Put in oven.  If you are an Overachiever, BROIL them cuz being an Overachiever, you are watching them every second and won’t burn them. If you are in more of an Underachiever mood, toast in a 400 degree F (200 C) til golden and melty and edible looking.  Set the timer and check every 5 minutes.

7. Eat with Soup or Salad or Fruit or Alone.  Plays well with other food.

NOTE to Overachiever Cooks:  If the idea of garlic salt is too lowbrow, you can gourmet it up by chopping up parsley, shallots and some minced real garlic and sauteed that with the mushrooms, season with regular salt and pepper to taste.

BUT SERIOUSLY, the Garlic Salt version is great and THUS saith The BOYS.



  1. Tiffany, so glad you are blogging about cooking! These look awesome. Although, I loved the creativity of a skirt a week, I don’t sew! Being an underachiever cook, this is really great. Can’t wait to try this out on the fam. Looks delicious!

  2. Yum, I too am happy to follow your talents in the kitchen but one question…how are the labradoodles? We got a beautiful little girl puppy from you and seriously the best doodle around. She will be 2 on march 28th. Love following your blogs but add pics of those doodles:)

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