My ART blog Introduced….

Tiffany tihany Harris

Teaching myself how to do an art gallery in WordPress so inspired me that I started a site especially for my art. Of course it was so stressful to my old neurons that I dreamed WordPress for days.

Check it out.

The art there is for sale.  I am working on pricing….Its like pricing your children–YOU know they are special but you are afraid other people will just think they are annoying.

Just email me if you have comments, helpful suggestions or are interested in buying (is it ok to say that?) anything.

I have lots more art I will be slowly adding.  When my brain recovers, I will figure out how to have a page for Wall Art and a separate page for Clothing Art.  You can also sign up to follow that site on the side bar that shows up on pages other than the front page.  Thus you will be up to date on the newly added ART.  So clever.

I do feel a little weird about naming it after myself, but I defer to the Culture of Artists and that is how they do it.  After all, I didn’t name any of my children after myself….oh wait, they are all boys….

See you there and please give a shout out and tell me what you think!


  1. Imagine if you had named your boys after you, T senior, T junior, T senior-but-one and T junior-but-one! I imagine you would have to price your art quite high, just to pay for the therapy!

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