DIY Leopard Jeans

Animal prints, especially leopard are in.


And again.

Actually they never went away….

Of course leopard prints have been big in Africa and Southeast Asia.  The big cats there have been wearing them for a rather long time.  Loooong time. Generations even.

So, in prep for how “Askirtaweek does LEOPARD”, I decided to upcycle a pair of jeans (rescuing them from a life of despair).

Here’s how I did it.

Jeans before paint

I cut off a couple inches and no, I am not bow legged…  Note the bleach spots.  I Strategically placed some spots exactly over the bleach spots.  So clever.  My advanced education at work.  Thanks Dad, and me.

diy spotted jeansMy favorite fabric paint, Lumiere. I get it at Dharma Trading.  Love it.  Sometimes I leave it on my nails so it looks like I had a manicure.

I use it like Paula Deen uses BUTTER.  

diy spotted jeans next stepSpot in a random pattern.  I thought I wanted more at the bottom and less toward the top.  Remember when painting clothing, WHERE exactly you are drawing attention to.

diy jeans

I like to put a second color on, in a kindergartener, nontalented smoosh, here and there. This is a reddish brown. Gives a little more depth to the spots.

diyjeans4The step that brings your spots ALIVE.  The black ring.  But don’t ring it.  Random squiggles and dotted dashes.  Leopards do not have perfect circles down their backs. Vary your design.  No perfect here.

DIY Spotted Jeans After

Stay tuned for …… How To Wear Your Spotted Leopard Jeans in a Sensible, No Nonsense Way.  




  1. Love the jeans. But why did you cut off the bottoms? Were they hemmed long for heels and now you want a more casual look? We are just wondering around here. The look is great. Bet you will get a lot of compliments when you wear them!

  2. LOL, I admit i wasnt crazy with the idea in the first photo but after scrollong down to the bottom photo, I liked what you created. 🙂

    1. Thank you. The true test is how they look put together in an outfit. Actually the spots turned out more dramatic than I planned –love that gold paint–so I am rethinking the top for them. Thank you for commenting!! Hope to do the whole look this week.

  3. Stop! Hold the WordPresses! Sensible? No Nonsense? Life is WAAAAAAY too short for that. I trust you have your tongue firmly planted in cheek because I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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    Look forward to hearing from you!

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