On Teaching Manners to Boys: 5 That Matter

I think about these things because I am single and I do date now and then. A man with manners does stand out.  While are a few niceties that could probably be left to antiquity, being polite is always in style and will certainly make you stand out from the crowd.

Here are some manners I want my boys to practice:

1. Opening the Door. For anyone. Always. You are a strong young man. Offer your strength to others that need it.

2. Help with the coat. I think it’s weird (a rare literary term full of opinionated emotion) for a man to stand there–duh–while a woman struggles with her coat.  Come on. It’s not even manners; it’s common sense. Offer to help someone struggling–with the door, their groceries, their coat.

3. Find something good to say about everything, including your companion. An instant way to stand head and shoulders above the rest is to be outward focused enough to put people at ease. Find something to compliment on your companion on, be polite to the wait staff, say something nice about the event even if it stinks.  Be realistically postive.

4. Thank you’s.  Huge. Goes without saying.  All part of the attitude and tenor of who you are and the vibe that you put out. Thankfulness will make your positivity genuine.

5. Focus.  Be with the one you are with.  Do not play with your cell phone, text, etc.  I know I am basically spitting into the gale force winds with this one and teenagers some people.  They sit next to each other and text . BUT, I expect my boys to rise above the ordinary.  This is about RESPECT for other people and their time. If you have committed to spend time with someone, then be there.  When it’s over, you do not have to do it again.  Respect for the dignity, even if you don’t like them, of another human being. Period.


In the end, it all boils down to this:

Thoughtfulness is always polite.


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