Underachiever Tomato Soup From Scratch

I know what you are saying.  If it’s from scratch, its an Overachiever recipe.  Underachiever soup comes in a can; just add water.

Yes, BUT……….

The ingredients for this soup come from a CAN. Therefore, it’s Underachiever soup.  It just has a little Overachiever twist, because you do mix a few thing together. Oh, and CHOP ONIONS.  So much work.

Chopping Onions with Protection

If it was Overachiever, it would have ingredients you don’t have in your pantry and involve hours of chopping, peeling, mincing, dicing, frying, sauteing, fricasseeing… But this is REALLY good, super easy soup and you probably have the ingredients on hand.

Underachiever Tomato Soup

  • 4 Tablespoons unsalted butter and 2 T olive oil.
  • 2 medium onions, chopped. Just hack up a little, because we are going to blenderize it all anyway.  Don’t fuss much.
  • 2 cloves garlic (optional. No kidding. I tried leaving them out and it’s fine.)
  • 24 ounces CANNED whole plum tomatoes (told you so)
  • 3 cups chicken stock or really good veggie broth.  CANNED works again!
  • 1 or 2 teaspoons salt (wishy-washy recipe developers, or politicians, would say Salt to Taste, in case they got it wrong, and so as to cover their……).
  • ground pepper to taste

Melt butter in large saucepan over medium heat.  Add onion and garlic and cook til onions are limp and soft.

Dump in tomatoes, stock, and salt and pepper.  Bring to a boil, then reduce to simmer.  After 15-20 minutes, either puree in blender. Or better yet, use the immersion blender and puree. (Use protection though.  Those things scare me, exposed blades and all. I store them separately, meaning the handle and the blade part, so that they don’t get together when I am not looking.)

Serve with whatever your favorite tomato soup condiments are.  Grilled cheese sandwiches here.

I like to double it and freeze the rest.  It reheats beautifully. You can pretend you made it from scratch again.

Tomato Soup

By the way, this was inspired by Martha Stewart’s Tomato Soup recipe for Kirkland.  Ha!  It was originally written the ultimate Overachiever.  But I maintain, you Just. Open. Cans…Tah DAh!  Underachiever!!!


  1. Great idea to share! Perhaps the “can” should be my friend. I also need to get some kitchen goggles for use in cutting onions.

  2. I’m still ruluctant to paint leopard spots on my jeans, but this I am definitely going to try. Another compliment to the soup might be grilled tuna melts. Bet you have a special take on those too!

      1. Love your laugh and forgot to say I use capers and toasted English whole wheat muffins for my Tuna Melts. Vary the cheeses for variety. Tasty!

  3. Tiffany–you’re having entirely TOO MUCH FUN with this little diversion . . . thank you for lightening up my days with your adorable humor!!

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