Dancing as a Metaphor for Life

I have been on a journey, in a my mind, to find a poem or a quote that captures what the metaphor of DANCING means to me. I searched, read, processed, discarded, rethought. My definition was not out there.

I went back to some things I wrote in the begining of this blog–when the battle was on–to see if I had any thoughts on DANCING back then.  I wrote things like this:


Just Because Your Breath Catches in Your Throat  (one reference to dancing! The thought begins…)

Oh to Fail

The Quotidienness of Courage

All about courage and hard things and fear.

But lately. I think more about DANCING. Going forward. Deep connection. Maybe I had to grow into my armor, but now I want to take it off, put on the ball gown and dance in the fountain of life.

I am on a quest to articulate Dance as a metaphor for LIVING.

And I realize, for me, Dancing is about LIFE. The Greek form of life–Zoe. A vitality, a divine force, an embodiment of hope, joy beyond circumstances, life so powerful it overcomes death………
……………………..because only the LIVING can DANCE!

And truly the dead brought to life are the ones that have the biggest reason to dance for joy!

Maybe when I am 85 and have earned to right to wear arm candy to my armpits like Iris Afpel–Thanks to my my blogger friend As Time Goes Buy for bringing her to mind–I will have crafted a beautiful definition for DANCING to Life.

And maybe there will be a man who will be dancing with me– in the rain, on the shore, in the fountain with our black tie clothes on, to our own music…..because to share life’s joy…DIVINE.

Thanks for listening….

Cherry Valley Labradoodles


  1. I think if you live to 85 and are wearing arm candy to your armpits, you may as well be swaying and swinging those arm candied arms to the the rhythm of living and dancing with life. 🙂
    Cheers, and may your dance always be joyful.

  2. You have dancing in your genes, girl. Your (let me count a minute…) your great grandpa Walter Broyles led a very proper turn-of-the-century Methodist life until his wife passed on. And then he learned to dance. That has been important to me. I learned I will not wait for anybody before I give my soul permission to dance. To wait is to risk its never happening. Life is too short not to dance.

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