A Serious History of Building a Blog Readership in the Country

Just wanted to give a big shout out to our new “tribe” members!  WOO HOO.  Thanks everyone for joining up and joining in. Askirtaweek is a handful over 100 subscribers now!

Hurray!! Loud whistles and screams.

This blog started small. Me and a reader. And mom. Then, maybe she was the reader. Thanks mom.

Hen Straight On

I hoped, by my captivating words and scintillating images, more of you would be compelled to join.


You crept in, joining up, one and by one.

Gypsy Horse at Door

The thought provoking articles encouraged deep cogitation, heavy introspection.

Hen with Blingy Collar

Sometimes deep, sometimes silly, sometimes less inspired, sometimes brilliant,  you guys were always there for me

march1b2012 022

As bloggers, we so appreciate knowing you guys are there, following and being encouraged by our sweat, blood and tears.  We reach out to you, and you reach back with a pat on the back, a kind word, a thanks.


As we write and put it out there, hoping for relevance, what we really hope is that we connect with you and somehow, make the world a better place.

Talking to Canines


Now look at us. We are going momentum. We have a flock Tribe.

Here’s our latest snapshot of the audience.

Goatly audience

Thanks everyone for your continuing support. No really, THANK YOU!!! I love you all! Especially you who talk back to me!

MMMMMMM—-waaaaa.  XO

And remember,

No Shirts. No service.


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