Tags: Painted or Attached

I am fine tuning my 40 jackets for the show.  After paint, they require ironing, fixing details, signature and TAGS!   You know, the kind that hang over waving at the world behind you without your knowledge, prompting strangers to tuck them back in your collar with their cold fingers?  Yeah. I am adding those.

So, Dear Readers. Shall I finish the jackets with a ultra suede glued in tag (my mom’s choice) or a painted in tag?

glued in

Clothing tags

 jackets tags

Painted (above)

And the words?

I am naming and dating them, just like REAL Canvases!  Cuz they are ART that just HAPPENS to be on a Jean Jacket.

Clothing tags by Artists


  1. Painted in tags will likely stay longer. I hate tags because they scratch and itch, so tags–no matter how uppity–on my clothes are in the garbage before the new clothes hit the closet.

  2. What about tags (preferred) on the inside of left pocket? Like they do on fine sport coats or blazers. Also like the individual name & dates. Makes them even more original and fine works of art that they are! Has Vogue seen them yet?

  3. Afterthought and just thinking……..what about incorporating the name of individual jacket, date and the artist all in one on a little larger inside (behind) pocket label?

  4. Hmmm…. Tiffany–how ’bout a “stamped” tag (one you have designed that could be stamped as a rubber stamp, for instance), that after you apply it, you can add a few whimsical details to make it original and it’s own design? The options are endless!! Beautiful work, BTW. So talented, so gifted!! So Jealous [that one is me!]

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