Notes From Doing Impossible

 I am a divorced employed mother of 4 starting a new business venture. How in the world do I do that? For introduction to this tale, see: Doing Impossible Things. For the venture, see: Put this on your calendar.

1. Seize the time when it’s there. Something WILL interrupt your timeline. I promise. 

I did the bulk of my paintings in the first 3 weeks of August.  The boys were all in theater productions and I had some uninterrupted stretches of time.  Since then, there have been all sort of crises and intrusions,  from my regular business getting busy, to settling the boys in school.

CAPE TEMPUS or that what’s google latin translator said.

2. Work early and hard. For the reasons listed above.  your agrarian ancestors called it making hay while the sun shines.

2. Keep a running list and revise it as frequently as you can.  

Lists may help you remember to take the laundry out of the washer before it molds and feed the things in the yard that don’t yell “where’s DINNER”?. But they also can lead to more creativity through association and engaging the subconscious. See Ray Bradbury on this in Brainpickings.

3. Recruit your household to help.

My children are cooking and cleaning.  Someone will thank me someday; I am already thanking myself.  And they are watching what it takes to do hard things.

4. Tell some friends.

Even if they are unable to offer practical help, a cheering squad and a bunch of encouragers is always an uplifting phone call or cup of coffee.  If you want practical help, have homemade food. People, even if it’s just stray cats and teenagers, are more likely to show up to a party.

The best stray cats ever.


The food they appeared for.


  1. TIffany–I’m so proud of you for doing this; SF will be an amazing bit of exposure for you, and who knows where this will go for you –> The Sky’s The Limit <– !!!!

  2. Are the kids getting really good at cooking and cleaning?
    Does one of your sons need a new title Chef or Mr. Clean?

    Do your stray cats sing “rock this town”? I think they need to sing that song before they can be called the best.

    Hang in there. You just need a strong kick to the finish line!!

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