Black and White Art and Fashion: Part 2 Cats

Black and White : Snow Leopards

I am tired of the usual model.  Aren’t you?  I recruited another. Unwilling victim.  But he wanted dinner.

Snow Leopard on Blue Jacket DSC04701

Snow Leopard on Blue jacket

Snow Leopard side view

The Yin Yang idea again (See this Jacket) only done in blues and silvers..

The Snow Leopard Jacket Klimtized….

Snow Leopard with Klimt Spots
Snow Leopard with Klimt Spots

Snow Leopard Klimted

The Snow Leopard dress

Snow Leopard dress


  1. Tiffany! You never disappoint — your imagination is wild, your new model is adorable–and your Snow Leopard dress is stunning. Keep up the great ambition — still wish I could see your show in San Fran!

  2. I hate to “crack” a joke, but it looks like your model needs a chiropractor more than he needs dinner.

    Love the snow leopard dress. It’s muted and subtle yet mysterious and suggestive.

  3. Love the snow leopard jacket! Your amazing. Your dress is enticing & will add the perfect finish look for your show. Can’t wait to see the booth. Keep creating.

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