What Do You Tell Yourself About Failure?

Glass half full proclaimers can be shallow.
Yes. That’s right. I said that.
Does that mean we should all be dark, negative and depressed?
Half empty.
glass full1No.
But if your first response to failure is everything is shiny and wonderful; everything is fine. I say, you are being superficialYou are glossing over the learning experience because you can’t face your true feelings.
After a failure, you should whine, feel some real feelings, recognize some grief, look for the lessons. Then, and only then, can you authentically look for the silver lining and with any credibility say the glass is full. And it will be because you didn’t just  self medicate with platitudes. It will be because you learned something real and useful. Then you will have the energy to go forward and try again.
So, do you agree with me? Tell me why not?


  1. I agree. We need to face reality as it is then do what we can to change it. There is nothing better than a tearful pity party followed by anger and grief. Then go to bed sleep it off and get going again.

  2. I agree. I think your right about glossing things over lends to a superficialness of the situation. There are certain steps that you go through (like the example Patrica says) that are normal when given a half empty glass situation. I guess the trick is to learn how to get through those steps in a ‘real’ but timely manner so you don’t wallow in negativity?

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