The Best Gift Ever

It was unwanted. A garish rainbow colored baseball style cap. No one would wear it. It sat around gathering dust. The Manchild took it with him to Ethiopia thinking it could be regifted.


He was 10, hanging around the door of the Nedjo hospital. Big smile, dirty holey tee, a dingy jacket with sleeves too short by 4 inches, ragged blue pants. He followed the Manchild everywhere, wearing the same clothes every day. Likely they were all he owned. The Manchild was in Africa as the medical team’s photographer and general boy Friday, helping with the humanitarian surgeries the teams were donating. All over the hospital grounds for a week, Abdi became his silent shadow, language the barrier.

Packing up to leave, the Manchild came across the baseball cap in his bags. An idea! Abdi came running up as the team was getting to ready to leave the hospital for the next stop. The Manchild, wearing the cap, took it off his own head and crowned Abdi with it. The smile split his face. Later, he was spotted wearing it rakishly backwards and showing it off to his friends.

The Manchild claims it was probably the best gift he has given, bringing a joy to a small African boy that first-world children may never know and burning the Blessing of Giving into the brain and future of a tenderhearted 17 year old teenager for the rest of his days.

Merry Christmas.



  1. Touching story. It sounds like a wonderful experience for everyone involved.
    It’s a gift to be able to appreciate the little things. But to Abdi, I bet it was a big thing.
    It seems like the world just became a smaller place that can be touched for your son.

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