Mercedes Chickens: Are Chickens Finally Getting Their Just Desserts? I Mean Due.

Chickens are finally getting exploited their due, recognized for more than simply a structure for drumsticks, or Fried or Fricasse.  More than just incubators for eggs, hen are becoming liberated, able to be seen as more than just  meat feathers eggs dinner a body.

Hen Straight On

Vegetarians, of course already saw chickens as more than food. Yes!  the key point being they have heartbeats and mothers. Vegans, even more evolved, have long shuttered at the egg exploitation stage; they could become somebody’s mother with a heartbeat.

We (the royal as it were), here at askirtaweek, saw the star potential of poultry a couple years ago. Always cutting edge. (oops, sorry Henrietta, she has a phobia of knives) we were able to see their potential as pet poultry stars long ago.

Hen with Sparkly Cuff

And feathered fashion statements.  See story here. (No I don’t drink, don’t have to).

Chicken In The Bag

Remember when I took the hen for a walk? Click here for story.


After all, animals are ART. For me anyway. (See the Chicken Couple, now split up by a buyer who did not take BOTH)

The Fowl Couple
The Fowl Couple

And poultry, as part of the fauna around here, become focal points.


Oops. (Vegetarian soup)

Imagine how excited I was and my chickens were NOT, to see the Mercedes Commerical and the Jaguar rebuttal.  Have you seen these? YOU SIMPLY MUST.

Tell me.  What do you think of the fowl trend in advertising? Would you like to see more poultry in the media?  Does it make you hungry salivate happy?

Check back tomorrow to see Chickens as Part of the Christmas nonTradition. 



  1. I have a friend who ironically also had a chicken named Henrietta.
    She was a happy chicken until she had the misfortune of meeting Rocky, a nefarious raccoon who forced his way into her coop and had his way with her. Sad to say my friend couldn’t “recoop” her losses. All Rocky left was a “poultry” sum of some feathers in the ground.

    I didn’t care for the Mercedes commercial because of the music.
    I thought I would never have to listen to that repetitititive song by Diana Ross again.
    It brings back bad memories of high school when the song played incessantly on the radio.
    It rivals Bolero (even Bo Derek running in slow motion to the rhythm of the music couldn’t make me like the song more) and Pomp and Circumstance in its repetitiveness.

    But seriously you should come up with a joke that starts out – “Why didn’t the chicken cross the road?”

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