Five Things to Learn from My Art Show

1. You can do things you dreamed of doing. Try and see.

2. You can learn a lot of things.  Talk to everyone. Everyone has a story and almost everyone has something to teach you if you listen.

3.  Relax, breath and look around.  You may not ever pass this way again.  Hanging out in the park, chatting to people and being serenaded by musicians can be considered a great weekend.

4. Be a poster child for the “Don’t Give Up” campaign.  Its ok.  You will get there eventually if you perserve. In the meantime, your children will see a living life lesson and your friends will marvel.

5. YOU are the only one who has to be a true believer. No one else does. Its nice to have company for the lonely times, but if you don’t, just sing louder into the darkness. Scares away the Doubt Monsters.

Art Booth

packing up


waiting to go home….

art show packed up


  1. Hi Tiffany, it was so nice to see you at the show.
    Your art looks better in person than on a computer.

    Couple of comments:
    The jackets make it feel like I’m in a clothing store. I’m not sure whether it was because it was near closing time that the jackets were all back on the rack. It would be better if they were spread out so that you can see the art immediately.

    Did many people try on the jackets? I figure the likelihood of a sale will increase if people actually try it on. You could also suggest how wearing the art jacket can transform their lives; from attracting men with good taste in art, to being the envy of all their friends, to being the first in their social circle to own wearable art. It’s definitely a conversational item so it’s perfect for people who want attention in a good way.

    Speaking of getting people to try the jackets, have the wear the jackets and take photos. Tell them it’s for your blog. It then will become personal and they will feel a connection with you and the art. You should also display pictures of people wearing your art.

    Disclaimer: I’m not a salesman and I don’t think I ever could be one. I’m not an artist or an art critic. I’m not a marketing person.

  2. Great Art! Very creative and colorful. Blue dress, Blue eyes and a radiating smile. OurBlueMoon rises with the sunset.

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