Painting is Like Life!

Art In Process


1. Jump in with enthusiasm. It shows in your work.

2. Your work reflects your inner life. Cultivate yourself. Improve. Grow

3. Focus. If you want to be any great, it’s like any other discipline, you must examine your work thoughtfully.

4 . Be you. Your touch,  your look, the things you along bring to the canvas are what people will connect with and what makes your stuff uniquely yours.

5. Paint with your fingers.  It makes looser more passionate more organic paintings.

6. Show up to the paint brushes. Pick one up, dip it in the paint. START now!!

7. Don’t be afraid to make a mess. If you are so obsessed with the details, you will miss the big picture.

8. Put in that last tweak so it pops, but know when to stop.

9. If you develop your talents and follow your passions, others will to to great lengths to tell you why you can’t do it that.

10. Supporters may discourage you from trying new angles or subject matter. Don’t listen. Try new things. Grow.

11. Don’t hoard your knowledge. You are an expert especially in the areas you wrestled with the most. Pass on your knowledge to newbies.

12. Produce a body of work. To find your passion, go back to your childhood and look at what you loved most, dreamed about most, cared about most.


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