If You Plan to Fly, Don’t Pack a Parachute


Don’t get a parachute unless you are planning to fail.

Conventional wisdom says most small new businesses fail in the first couple years because of lack of capital. I say it’s due to having a parachute.

Have you heard of persistence? You don’t really know the meaning of the word unless you have failed and failed and failed and you are still trying. That is persistence. It’s keeping at it when all the PWWY ( I call them People Who Worry about You) are urging you to get a real job because they can’t bear to watch any longer.
“Tiffany, they say to me, you used to be a nurse. Can’t you do that again? ”

“It’s tough to be an artist. My sister tried.”

“What about the business you used to have. Can’t you do that again?”

They just want you safe. Well, you want yourself safe too. And the PWWY.

So, guess what? If you have a parachute (spellcheck substituted the word parasite) you may give up too early.

1. You have a consuming passion for your vision.
2. You have no choice. You have no parachute. No fall back plan. You MUST keep going. It MUST work.

Countless examples of cornered individuals exist, people at the very bottom, who keep getting back up until one day, they make it. One step at a time they made it because they didn’t give in to their parachute/safe job/addiction/conventional wisdom. They persisted and got up again and again and again. They talked themselves through the well-meaning naysayers who encouraged surrender in the name of short term safety over the long term vision of grander success. And they kept going. That alone, the dogged forward movement, against all odds, against all advice, heeding in the end only your own foolish, some say, passion, or vision for what could be. That deserves an Olympic medal. The loneliest battle is the one of persistence. And these warriors win. Sometimes riches, glory, fame, legendary status, sometimes the right to gloat, say I told you so to their naysayers, and always, they win the joy and the pride of following their passion, their vision. On these people, on their shoulders, the glories of our modern world was build.

If you don’t believe me, read the biographies of people who accomplished big things.


  1. First of all, what a precious, adorable photo … and secondly, Tiffany, you are a wise, tenacious, amazing woman — your spirit is contagious and I have to admit that I have loved every single one of your posts. Photos are *the best* and each one adds a little sparkle to my day!

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