Love is Not Enough: Have You Told Someone They Delight You Today?

thekiss (1)
We love people. Our kids, spouse, parents, mother in law, and best friends. Duh. Love, love, love. Hurray. You are a good, loving person. Extra points if those people know you love them. But….do any of them know you DELIGHT in them.

Last week, my 11 year old son announced unannounced, “Mom. Kids are a lot of work. And expensive. They can cost $254,000 to raise. It will be good for you when we move out….”

Screech. Like a well trained reining horse, the fretty self-talk in my mind slid to a dead stop.

Silence. “What?”

My kids know I love them. I tousle their hair, hug them, sacrifice for them, tell them, let them eat all the Halloween candy, and I am there. Present and accounted for.

Or so I thought.

They know I love them. But they don’t know I DELIGHT in their presence, in their jokes, their individual and amazing personalities, their gift in my life. They want to know they are WORTH it! They know they are expensive and a hassle; they can find that info online. What they really want to know is are they worth it? Do they delight me?

Love can connote duty. You love your spouse even when they tick you off. You may even love your mother in law. After all, she brought forth that man/woman you love. But delight? There is no duty in delight, it is sheer joy and pleasure.

Delight comes from the Latin delectare, meaning to charm, to please. In Old French, delit means pleasure, even sexual desire, according to While love is described as affection, warmth, tenderness, delight is a high degree of gratification, extreme satisfaction, pleasure (Merriam-Webster). Delight is alluring; delight is joy; delight is charmed and enchanted.

Think about it. Yes, you want that significant other to love you. But, over the top, whipped cream with dark chocolate sprinkles on top would be if they also DELIGHTED in you.

My mission in life is now to let significant people in my life know, they delight me. Their company brings me pleasure and joy. They are worth my time and attention and any sacrifice to be with them.

What the world needs now is not just love, it needs delight!

What do you think? When is the last time you delighted in someone and they knew it?

(published on LinkedIn by me)


  1. I also believe Australian Labradoodles know how to delight us. At least Cobber does! He just returned from his hospital therapy work. And he delighted many.

  2. Tiff–you have a wonderful way with words, and you so easily express the exact sentiments that we all have, but might be timid to speak of or just plain don’t know how to talk about them. Thank You for this entry–and ALL your entries. They are deeply thoughtful or downright hilarious, or amazingly precious (as this one was). I know we ALL look forward to your regular contributions to your blog!

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