Increase Your Wonderment

If you want to increase your wonderment and joy of life, which will affect your performance at work and all around pleasure in your daily being, watch the Perseids happening right now. The peak of the meteor shower is set to coincide with the Super Moon on August 12 and 13, but we are already sashaying through Comet Swift-Tuttle’s tail as we whirl around the sun. There are shooting stars every night.

Watch now.

Get somewhere dark.
Sit outside while you are chatting on the phone.
Take a walk under the stars
Go to the beach, dig your toes into the sand and look up.

Dance under the meteor shower if you are alone. Dance under the shower if you are with someone.

Put your soccer-parent legless chairs on a hilltop, drag a kid, date, friend, neighbor up there and watch for shooting stars.


Be amazed at the completely free, all natural, no preservatives, organic spectacle of sparkly shiny space rocks skittering across our atmosphere leaving blingy white streaks. Fireballs also possible at any time.

Peel open the ceiling of your life and be open to the stunning natural beauty around us, and up there slightly beyond your remote…


a night


  1. That’s my favorite kind of shower. It’s getting harder and harder to get away from all the lights though. The most “holy crap” moment for me was looking at a globular cluster (M13) through a big telescope – it’s one of those things where size really does matter (as well as the perfection of the curvature of the mirror/lens).

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