8 Reasons to Run Screaming from Malls and Christmas Shop at Your Local Juried Art Show


1. You cringe in the presence of mass produced junk stamped made in mass-produced-exploit-the workerland. You are articulate, suave and sophisticated, preferring one of a kind, artist made, unique specialty items.

2. Crowded stores of uber crabby people and seething hostile gridlocked parking lots make you want to fire candy cane missiles at offending shoppers.

3. You want your giftees to feel loved and special when given the unique piece you found, particularly apropos to them. They will likely put you in their will.
4. You know artists often undervalue their work and time. You can find amazing and wonderful jewelry and other items at an art show for often equal to the mass produced goodies shipped over in flotillas of environmentally damaging containers, islands of dead seas birds in their wake.
5. You believe in supporting local commerce because you know even Vincent Van Gogh was a local boy at one time.
6. Your brilliance extends to knowing that you can find things of all price points at a juried art show. Therein, exists unique jewelry, witty painted clothing ( shameless self promotion here, but then, I wrote this piece. What do you expect?) colorful chicken paintings (oops, did it again. Shame on me.), masterful paintings, photographs you want to climb into, ceramics, woodcraft, even cottage edibles and the ubiquitous gluten free speciality food products.
7. You are able to smugly sip cider, enjoy Christmas specials, slather icing on Christmas cookies and put your feet up while all your neighbors and coworkers are dueling it out at the shopping malls.
8. You receive an unexpected visit from the Ghost of Christmas presents congratulating you on your brilliance and bestowing upon you the gift of Peace and Wellbeing for the Holiday Season.

Consider these shows if you are in California or the Southwest. Or fly out here, if you live somewhere frigid.

Art Fest scottsdale, November 22-23, 3014, Scottsdale AZ
 Desert Art Festival, Francis Stevens Park in Palm Springs, November 29-30, Palm Springs, CA
 Tempe Festival of the Arts, December 5 to 7, Tempe AZ

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