Art for the Uncommon Threads Show

Out of my journey this year came new inspiration and new work.  This is one of the pieces that will be at the Uncommon Threads Wearable Art Show in St Charles, IL.

IMG_3177IMG_3176 2IMG_3179IMG_3196

Words, a story somewhat obscured by exuberant paint, heart and sparkle, and words of strength….. A mixed media on a stylish garment.


And the inspiration (below). A mixed media layering of paint and all kinds of papers  on wood panel (18inch x 18inch).  We distressed and glued and painted and dug and sanded and out of a mess came a composition.  Maybe like LIFE……messy, layered, patina’d and somehow a whole.

Done in Bibby Gignilliat’s class. A fantastic class and thank you to Bibby for the opportunity to attend and learn. You are a great teacher! What a healing time it was for me. Thank you.



  1. Wish I could see your creativity at the Uncommon Threads show… I love that publication, and knowing you are a contributor at the show is a *huge* thing for you. I am Very Proud of you, Tiffany!!

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