Quarantine Saguaro Party



Mixed media and acrylic on paper. 24 x 18 inches. For Sale. Contact me. 951-692-5354. Text or voice.

This piece is in The Artist Alliance’s first member exhibition, Social Distanced: Art Created During Lockdown.  It’s Jen Tough Gallery’s first online curated show. I am so honored to have a piece included.

Inspired by the amazing Saguaro National Park, East and West, in Tucson, AZ–it’s the desert version of the Redwoods.

The technique I used is called negative painting. First I created a lot of marks, bits of paper I had made marks on, finger paintings, chalk, pastel and pencil marks. Then I came back in with the black background, leaving the saguaro shapes alone. I loved the copper coming out of the arm of the far right guy.  Reminds me of fire, and Tucson did recently have a huge fire. So I left the marks that I found interesting, like the fire and the meteor-looking blob.

And if you look close, there are a few other surprising shapes tucked in.

Hope you enjoy.

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